Ping Pong on a Broken Mirror, 2014

Ryan Duffin

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Rocco, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Football, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Garbage, 2014
Ryan Duffin

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You can now pre-order The Photographic Dictionary’s 1st Alphabet Book!

Perfect Bound
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All pre-orders include three 4x6” prints by Sara Cath, Ryan Duffin, and Bobby Scheidemann
Cover photo by Nicolas Polli

Josh Anderson
Cassidy Araiza
Sergiy Barchuk
Sara Cath
Johnny De Guzman
Ryan Duffin
Tobias Faisst
Alishia Farnan
Blake Fox
Alexandre François
Martina Giammaria
Keegan Grandbois
Sam A. Harris
Helen Korpak
Mehdi Lacoste
Fred Lahache
Sean Lemoine
Nicolas Polli
Marina Richter
Carles Rodrigo
Sam Rosenblatt
Bobby Scheidemann
TJ Tambellini
Gilleam Trapenberg 
Jesse Untracht-Oakner
Casey James Wilson

Very stoked to be included in a project with these incredible photographers!

Three 4x6 prints are included in every pre-order


Some of the wonderful and talented artists that will be featured in our first issue if we make it to our funding goal! <3

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- Aoife 


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Tree’s & Two Lemons, 2014

Ryan Duffin

American House, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Victoria in the Rockaways, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Kate, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Tripod, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Kitten in a Tie, 2014

Ryan Duffin

Purple Leaf on Marble, 2013

Ryan Duffin

Negative Envelope, 2014

Great Grandmother on Vacation, 2014

Ryan Duffin